Printix as a leading cloud print management solution, was the right choice for the inter-municipal ICT provider Den Digitale Venstre AgderDDV was tasked with a major project involving the deployment of Microsoft Endpoint Manager to all computers in 36 schools in their jurisdiction. For their transformation, DDV required a robust cloud-print management solution to make print management more efficient.

As part of identifying the right print management solution, DDV evaluated several vendor options. Finally, DDV chose Printix as the best cloud printing solution for their needs. No one else besides Printix has offered the right functionality and features for DDV’ school printing needs:

  • Secure cloud printing software
  • User-friendly print management solution
  • Affordable and pay only when you use service
  • Cloud-based and serverless printing
  • Print management solution that could work in a heterogeneous environment

Printix’s capabilities in serverless cloud-print management ticking all the evaluators’ boxes. DDV found out that Printix print management system is very easy to use, the subsequent rollout was straightforward, and importantly, the system works across a mixed-device environment.

Once the decision to use Printix was made, the full deployment was very fast. DDV started using Printix on Microsoft Azure, running VMware Workspace One, along with Google Suite and Microsoft Endpoint Manager as part of the student work environment.

The group in charge of the Intune migration tested the Printix solution for just 10 minutes before exclaiming, this is exactly what we need.” -Erlend Fiddan, DDV

One of the key reasons for choosing the Printix platform was that the device environment across the 36 schools was mixed. The heterogeneous device environment used by students and staff, includes Windows PC, Android phone, and Apple iPads.

Atea and Printix collaborated to help DDV provide the best expertise and support in this project. Atea acted as a reseller of Printix ensuring correct licensing. During the rollout, DDV had to deal with a barrier because of an unusual IP network segmentation used by DDV for a smooth school print management integration.

DDV turned to “Print via the cloud”, a Printix feature, that could be used as a workaround for this unusual infrastructure, whilst maintaining security. However, support from Printix is being offered to DDV to deliver the best print management infrastructure to this unusual IT environment.

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