Nordic Aviation Capital chose Printix SaaS print management as part of their cloud migration program to securely manage printers and printing tasks across multiple global sites. The automation features of Printix, along with its great user experience for employees, meant that the NAC deployment and use of Printix, as part of its wider move to the cloud, was seamless.

Nordic Aviation Capital (NAC) is a forward-thinking company that has made a successful transition to the cloud. Under the leadership of an exemplary IT team, the company is now 100% cloud compliant with Microsoft Azure underpinning its cloud infrastructure and apps. Moving into the cloud had its challenges, but NAC has managed to do this with the help of Printix’ cloud print management services.

“Before coming to Nordic Aviation Capital, I had little experiences of cloud print management systems; however, Printix was very easy to get used to and start using.”- Brian Thøgersen, IT Infrastructure Manager, Nordic Aviation Capital

Scalability across borders and employees

Nordic Aviation Capital uses Printix across multiple global locations. Installation of the Printix cloud print service to its regional offices was performed remotely from the NAC headquarters in Ireland. Printers across the NAC group are managed from this location using the Printix management interface.

Easy and user-friendly installation

One notable usability feature of Printix is the ease of onboarding when a new employee starts work. The SSO feature of Azure, also supported by Printix and the Printix app, facilitates the auto-install of printers. This means new employees have automatic access to printers with no manual install necessary, reducing help desk calls and removing barriers to onboarding new staff.

Printix has now been in use by Nordic Aviation Capital since 2017. Printix Secure Print Management System is now distributed across five NAC regional sites, servicing 225 users, and managing 29 printers, all from a centralized console at NAC headquarters in Limerick.

Excellent Support

Brian Thøgersen, IT Infrastructure Manager at Nordic Aviation Capital described the support provided by Printix as excellent with fast response times met by willing and able staff, happy to resolve any issues.

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