About us

Get it on paper. Anywhere.

Sometimes words weigh heavier on paper than words in pixels. That’s why we print. But why is getting paper out of a printer so expensive, support heavy and complicated?

Honestly, it’s not. It has been made complicated, by an industry unwilling to reinvent themselves. You can take our word for it.

We started Printix on the premise that things can and will get better. We left the conventional industry business model at the doorstep and started over.

We envision a better way to install, operate, maintain, replace, manage and optimize a print environment with a goal to fundamentally improve the efficiency and cost of office printing.

Our business model is transparent, and so is our aim: We want to take management out of print management. So, we developed a cloud-based smart software with intuitive design that brings people and printers together, forever.

Goodbye to print servers, print driver installations and costly print consultants, and hello to printing from your favorite device to anywhere, whenever you need to get it on paper.

The team

Printix is the brainchild of five IT and print entrepreneurs including several former co-founders of a leading global print management software company.

Our common ground is a passion for print, good humor, a friendly approach to life in general and a strong belief that things can and will get much better. We explore and utilize the opportunities that new technology offers and apply focus, common sense and execution to get the job done.

Today, Printix.net ApS employs 19 people with headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark and offices in Frankfurt, Germany and Sydney, Australia.