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Print to Printix managed printers from Google Chrome

Printix for Chromebook is a productivity extension for Google Chrome that allows users to print from their Chromebook using Printix managed printers that connect to Wi-Fi or a wired network.

Printing is enabled on Printix managed printers that are configured to print via the cloud. Documents remain secure during transfer over the Internet as the document itself and the communication are both encrypted.


Gives users Single Sign-On (SSO) to Printix with their G Suite account


Use Google groups to deploy and control access to printers based on users’ group membership

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How to print from Chromebook

The Printix extension for Chrome OS, requires an existing Printix subscription and enables an IT admin with a Printix administrator account to easily deploy and manage printing with Printix.

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How to deploy Printix for Chromebook

Check out the introduction and install details on Printix for Chromebook in our administrators manual.


You must be logged in to Chrome browser or Chromebook’s Chrome Browser with the G Suite Account


Printing from Chrome and Chromebook is made easy to any network printer managed by Printix

Google Cloud Storage

For secure Print Anywhere printing you can enable storage of pending documents in your Google Cloud Storage. That way, the user’s computer does not need to be online to release print later and print anywhere documents. Once you have added cloud storage, documents printed Via the cloud will go via your cloud storage, rather than the Printix Cloud.

How to add Google Cloud Storage.

Printix is Chrome Enterprise Recommended

Printix is Chrome Enterprise Recommended, meaning you can simplify Chrome OS printing and save more. Empower your cloud workforce with a solution you can trust.

Printix for Chromebook

Print to Printix managed printers from Chrome OS and experience our Chromebook Printing Solution today.