Printix Insights on Microsoft Power BI

Use Microsoft Power BI Desktop with the Printix Power BI solution to get insights in to your print usage, printers, print queues and much more.
Printix Microsoft Power BI

Printix Power BI solution provides you with a low-cost open source data analytics product, adding more value to the Printix cloud print management solution. The Printix Power BI template is designed to provide valuable insight into print usage showing statistics for users, printers, workstations, print queues, locations and historic data.


Insights into printer utilization, device performance, consumables usage (toner, paper), service messages and more.


Insights into how your organization is utilizing printers by location.


Insights into how many print jobs and pages the individual users have performed.


Insights into how workstations are configured and printer fleet details.

Print Queues

Insights into configuration details of the print queues found for your organization.


Insights into print costs by user, department or printer.

Setup analytics to get insights into your Printix managed print environment