Printix Security and Privacy

Privacy by Design (PbD) is the foundation stone of the GDPR. It’s about having a secure privacy environment built into the design and implementation of any system that handles data.

Creating a Secure Print Environment

Printix has been designed specifically to address data security and provides the PbD tools to meet the exacting compliance requirements of GDPR and other data protection regulations. The cloud-based print management platform we offer is achieved with our cloud service and our client software running on user’s computers. No local servers or databases are required.

Ensuring a reliable, robust and secure print infrastructure

In Printix’s multi-tenant architecture, multiple customers’ data co-exist in the same infrastructure and run the same shared instance of software. The data is separated logically and secured, but no modifications or customizations may be made to the shared underlying structure. Printix was designed to make printing work in a cloud-based scenario without compromising security policies or making changes to the network, applications or devices.

Cloud-managed print administration and data privacy

Printix uses a secure architecture ensuring all print data stays on the local network. Printix-managed printers poll the cloud print service to administrate and orchestrate meta data over standard encrypted web service communications (HTTPS) helping users organize and find relevant information and discover and identify resources.

The secure and flexible methods of printing with Printix are achieved by allowing Printix Client to temporarily store print data encrypted on the computer and notifying Printix Cloud about the document. Printing directly to the printer is just as secure as compared to traditional network printing.

Security is ensured in the following ways:

  • Documents are encrypted and stored locally until they expire and/or get deleted
  • Documents do not leave the customer’s network unless using Print via the cloud is enabled
  • Document names can only be seen by the owner of the document
  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with a key length of 256 bits is used to encrypt documents

User Authentication

Printix supports Single Sign-On with Azure AD, Google Authentication, Active Directory and LDAP. With Azure AD, the system administrator can pre-authorize users, so they are automatically signed in to Printix when logging into the computer, without being prompted by Printix.


Client upgrade and maintenance

The Printix Cloud orchestrates the Printix Client software maintenance, upgrades and patching automatically. The client is always patched and run on the newest and most stable version of Printix. The Printix Cloud is maintained, patched, administrated daily.

System monitoring and Service Level Agreement

Printix Service Level Agreement is available online. Printix offers a cloud uptime of minimum 99,9 %. Cloud uptime is the amount of time that cloud systems and cloud services hosted by Printix are up and accessible by end users.

The high uptime and performance is achieved with an auto-scaling, load balanced multi-server environment with failover and 24/7 system monitoring.

Most upgrades of the Printix Cloud and releases of new features are achieved while the Printix environment is in operation.

Download Printix Security and Privacy Guide

To address any security concerns related to using Printix, check out the details of how our service and technology handles security and privacy in the Printix Security and Privacy Guide.