Azure Printing with Printix and Entra ID

Provides an easy to use cloud print solution with automatic sign-in via SSO.
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Printix Entra ID integration

If your cloud strategy already involves Microsoft Entra ID then you can easily add Printix as the missing pieceSingle Sign-On with Microsoft Entra ID, provides policy based management of all users regardless of device or location adding greater security, while removing IT and administration overhead.

Our cloud-based print solution is approved by Microsoft and available as a preferred solution on Azure Marketplace.

  • Entra ID single sign-on to Printix
  • Passwords handled by Entra ID
  • Built-in redundancy
  • Quick deployment
  • Scalability to meet demand
Azure AD

Easy Deployment with Microsoft Endpoint Manager

You can automatically deploy Printix Client with Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

Also, if you enable Entra ID/Office 365 authentication, users are then automatically registered the first time they sign in to Printix Client with their Microsoft work or school account.

Sign in to Printix Client is automatic on Entra ID domain joined Windows 10 computers.

Azure AD
Azure Blob Storage

Azure Blob Storage

For secure Print Anywhere printing you can enable storage of pending documents in your Azure Blob Storage. That way, the user’s computer does not need to be online to release print later and print anywhere documents. Once you have added cloud storage, documents printed Via the cloud will go via your cloud storage, rather than the Printix Cloud.

How to add Azure Blob Storage

Microsoft Universal Print

Support for Microsoft Universal Print

For organizations running Universal Print by Microsoft, Printix extends the capabilities with flexible, secure, and mobile printing.

Printix provides customers with direct print via Printix Client, so Universal Print can be used on existing printers without having to deploy the Microsoft Universal Print connector.

Entra ID and printing with Printix

Printix has leveraged cloud technology and Microsoft Entra ID integration to bring office print to the cloud quickly, efficiently and inexpensively. Now you can implement a true cloud-based workplace based on M365 and benefit from flexible, reliable and secure printing.

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