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Printix Secure Print Management Solution is promoted by both Microsoft and Google as a trusted leader in cloud-managed print on Azure and Chrome.

Now more than ever, organizations aim for digital transformation, seek ways to optimize processes, save time and money, adapt and grow.

Removing print infrastructure, licenses, administration and support, will provide significant benefits to your customers while building recurring revenue for your own company.

Printix is the missing piece in your cloud service.

Being able to print without compromise and with assured security, is fundamental to every organization on the planet.

Printix is a vendor neutral platform that leverages Azure AD and enhances Microsoft cloud services and solutions.

As a Google printing partner solution available on Chromebook, Printix is the replacement for Google Cloud Print.

Partnering with Printix means zero risk. No complex agreements, upfront payments or costly training programs required to get started. All we ask is that you take Printix to the front line and present it to all your customers. We know that in presenting our tried and tested value proposition, your customers will be very glad you did.

Qualifying partners benefit from our highly successful leads program, and higher discounts. You will also have the advantage and support of a regional partner manager.

From your own Printix powered self-service Partner Portal, you can create trials, manage subscriptions, and view data and billing information across all tenants quickly and easily.

We know that both you and your customers seek a simpler and more cost effective way to connect users to printers, wherever they may be.

With Printix you have everything you need to drive greater reward and success. If you are interested in becoming a Printix Partner please complete the below form or read more on the benefits here.

“It’s fantastic to have been on boarded as a Printix partner. It’s an amazing solution to the changing dynamics of technology, as more services move to the cloud, and a very elegant solution for printer and queue management with zero touch at the client.”

– Mark Ebden, Managing Director at Digital Integration

“Thanks to Printix we hardly spend any time on printers. As an MSP, our customers expect printers to work, changes to be quick, and deployments to be fast. Printix has allowed us to do all of this. Thanks to Printix we hardly spend any time on printers and have a product that simply works.”

– Chad Grahek, Director, Grahek Technology

“Printix has simplified printing for us as an MSP by an immeasurable amount. We deployed it to a school right before the beginning of their Fall start and we have not had one printing issue related to drivers or accessing printers from them.

We are deploying it to even smaller sites because it just makes management so easy it saves us time and money.”

– Matthias Kittok, Vice President of Superior Endeavors, Inc

“Work environments are becoming increasingly flexible. Employees – especially now – often want to determine their working hours and workplace themselves and expect their employer to give them the opportunity to do so.

The partnership with Printix allows us to incorporate location-independent printing and printer management as a critical part of our cloud services and the ‘Solipsis workplace’.”

– Goossen de Bruin, Managing Director of the Solipsis group

“As an MSP for Cloud and Dev-Ops one thing that has always been a challenge during any 365 Migration is Printing, many solutions exist and yet we have never worked with software that is as amazing as Printix, print serverless, easy to deploy and when you customers with 30+ sites not having to visit each one saves time and frustration all around.

And honestly, Printix truly is from an architecture and usability perspective the best software we have ever used it’s just so easy to work with.”

– Matthew Frost, Managing Partner and CTO, UPTIC IO

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