Printix, Secure Cloud Print Management for SAP® systems

Introducing SAP2Printix by BECONEX

SAP2Printix by BECONEX Overview

Is migration to cloud part of your organization’s strategy, but you still need a Windows server to print from the SAP® system? SAP2Printix integrates Tungsten Printix as external Output Management System in your ERP – with only a few clicks, you can manage all office and SAP® print jobs directly in the cloud, no need for servers!

SAP2Printix is compatible with SAP® NetWeaver ABAP and any system based on it, including SAP® ECC, GTS, SRM, and others including SAP S/4 HANA® On-Prem and SAP S/4 HANA® Cloud (private edition).

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SAP2Printix – Future Proof SAP Print Solutions

Transitioning to cloud-based printing for SAP systems is crucial for organizations aiming to optimize processes. With ECC support ending in 2027 and mainstream support for EHP5 users ceasing by 2025, forward-thinking solutions are essential.

Cloud solutions offer cost reduction, flexibility, and scalability, yet SAP still requires an OMS for printing. Printix and SAP2Printix by BECONEX address these needs, providing secure infrastructure for daily printing and SAP support, including ECC. Integration with S/4HANA ensures seamless migration efficiency.

Features & Benefits of SAP2Printix by BECONEX

  • Facilitates SAP system migration to the cloud, eliminating the need for a print server.
  • Utilizes Printix Secure Cloud Print Management Software for direct cloud-based management of SAP print jobs.
  • Compatible with both single-tenant and multi-tenant Printix configurations.
  • Integrates seamlessly with any SAP system based on ABAP NetWeaver, supporting “direct print” and “print anywhere” methods.

Cloud: Offers a true SaaS solution, reducing costs, complexity, and enhancing security and scalability.

Efficient: Swiftly discovers and configures printers, reducing deployment and maintenance costs.

User-friendly: Customizable and easy to set up for streamlined production, simplifying usage, monitoring, and maintenance.

How SAP2Printix works

How SAP2Printix works
  • SAP2Printix receives the spool file and related information (target printer ID, job ID, etc.) from the BC-XOM interface
  • The application retrieves the necessary credentials for the corresponding Printix tenant and performs a printer mapping, as printers have different IDs in the SAP® system and Printix platform
  • Using the retrieved information, the application sends the spool file to Printix via a REST call, and the Printix client sends the job to the appropriate printer
  • Once the print job is created in Printix, the application performs a spool mapping to link the SAP spool ID to the Printix spool ID. This enables monitoring of print job status and logging of the process in the SAP® database

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