Kofax, the provider of Printix, is now Tungsten Automation.

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Secure Cloud Print Management

Cloud-based print management software, flexible, scalable and easy to use. We manage and maintain complex print environments with modern printing features all users & organisations need, anywhere.

Modern Cloud Printing

Print anytime, anywhere from any device to any printer

Print-ready convenience

Easily onboard new employees and support roaming users with print-ready universal configurations.

Global Secure Print

Release print jobs using browser, smartphone or tablet on any printer any model. 
Printix App.

Direct & Mobile print

Windows, Mac, Chromebook, iOS & Android.
Printix Mobile Print

Card-based secure print

Card-based Secure Print

Release print jobs using card or ID code.
Printix Go

Modern Print Management


Fast onboarding

Deploy automatically with Microsoft Endpoint Manager


Inexpensive to use

Only pay per active users


Central web-based management

Configure and control printers, print queues, print drivers and more


Supports any printer

No need to invest in a new certified printers or print connectors


Print-ready setup

Automatic location and group policy installed print environment. Auto install & auto cleanup.

According to Quocirca’s Print 2025 study, 73% of respondents expect to increase the use of cloud-based print management by 2025.

Enjoy significant savings

With Printix software as a service, you will significantly reduce the cost of print operations and relieve IT burden. Customers will typically see ROI inside 6-12 months.

No print servers required

  • Remove on premise hardware
  • Remove license cost
  • Remove server administration

Eliminate time-consuming print administration

  • Automated queue and driver installation
  • Enable self service

Printix offers a free one-month trial with all features included and monthly or annual subscriptions. For Enterprise, Education or Non-profits request a quote.

Introducing Printix Capture

Capture content from MFP or mobile device to email and cloud destinations.

Customize workflows based on your organizations needs.

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We’ve moved to Printix Cloud


Secure by design


Single Sign-On with Entra ID, Google Workspace, Okta, OneLogin


Print jobs stay on local network


Documents encrypted and stored locally


Monitor usage and activity with tracking reports


Document names can only be seen by the owner of the document


GDPR compliant

Printix Integrations

Printix integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Entra ID and Google Workspace so you’re up and running immediately.

Microsoft integration

  • Single Sign-On in with Microsoft
  • Deploy with Endpoint Manager
  • Entra ID groups
  • Azure Blob Storage
  • Microsoft Power BI

Google integration

  • Single Sign-On in with Google
  • Deploy with MSI file
  • Google groups
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Printix for Chromebook
Microsoft partner education


Quocirca: Cloud Print Services Landscape 2023

Quocirca: Cloud Print Services Landscape 2023

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Sustainable Printing with Printix

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