Evergreen Management Services: How Printix Makes Remote Printing Easy

Evergreen Management Services

Printix and Grahek Technology, make remote printing a simple, pain free experience for property management company, Evergreen Management Services.

Grahek Technology is a dedicated managed services company that specializes in deploying cloud-based communications and printing technologies. This focus makes them a perfect fit to implement the Printix cloud print management solution. In this project, Grahek Technology deployed Printix at Evergreen Management Services (“EMS”).

EMS works with government projects. Part of their business process requires the printout of checks. These print jobs must be done securely and are often initiated from the central office to the remote locations for ease of payment. The older print management system used by EMS, required the use of a Virtual Private network (VPN), users needing to access the print server via the VPN to create a print job. This method presented issues in terms of speed, requiring more user steps, and being less intuitive for general users.

Evergreen Management Services wanted to make printing smoother, easier for users, and remote user-friendly. To achieve this, EMS asked their trusted managed service provider, Grahek Technology, for help. The result was the deployment of Printix for cloud-managed printing.

“In the past, printing from remote sites was complicated and time consuming. Now, in-a-click, Printix allows users to print directly from their own desktop or mobile device.”
Chad Grahek

Director, Grahek Technology

About Evergreen Management Services

Evergreen Management Services Inc. is a property management company based in the U.S. The company works across six+ remote locations, with a single central office. The company was established in 2002 and specializes in running housing programs. Evergreen Management Services also provides liaison services between government entities and tenants. The company employs maintenance specialists who need to travel to the housing programs and the six remote sites, as well as financial staff who deal with complex budgeting and funding.

About Grahek Technology

Grahek Technology has over a decade of experience of delivering managed technology services. The company focuses on offering exceptional customer experiences through bestof-breed, practical solutions. Grahek Technology are specialists in communication technologies and cloud systems. The company mantra is that “Business relationships are like friendships. They require trust, communication, and an exchange of knowledge.”

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