The Arc of Camden County: How Printix Helped Move ‘The Arc’ into the Cloud

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Printix and SwiftPuppy Technologies, digitally transform IT systems at the not-for-profit, The Arc of Camden County.

SwiftPuppy Technologies act as a U.S. based reseller of the Printix cloud print management solution. Together, SwiftPuppy and Printix, helped transform legacy printing systems at The Arc of Camden County (“The Arc”).

SwiftPuppy’s role in the deployment at The Arc of Camden County, was as a highly experienced Managed Service Provider (MSP), able to take the Printix cloud-based print service and deploy
the solution as part of an overall IT infrastructure upgrade.

SwiftPuppy offer organizations a suite of managed services providing a pathway to upgrade older technology as part of a digital transformation project. This includes the ability to replace
legacy print services that are hindered by on-premise setup, with a modern cloud-based, print service from Printix. 

As such, SwiftPuppy was able to bundle Printix into its general offering as part of a wider migration project to remove on-premise servers.

“The way users can sign in using the same account was an important aspect of choosing Printix. The smooth integration with products such as Microsoft 365, was the primary reason for choosing Printix.”
Peter Fisher

IT Director, SwiftPuppy Technologies

About Arc of Camden County

The Arc of Camden County, founded in 1947, is a not-for-profit that works with disabled individuals to coordinate services to enrich lives. The group has several remote sites, including a training center and several residential program bases. One of the key strategic themes in the Arc of Camden County’s forthcoming plans is “How do we best use technology to improve internal operations?”

About SwiftPuppy Technologies

SwiftPuppy are a managed service provider based in New Jersey, USA. The company mantra is to “DELIVER the most impactful technology solutions, to EMPOWER your workforce to accomplish more.”. SwiftPuppy are experts in delivering effective, seamless, digital transformation through cloud solutions. They have a strong focus on security, a vital part of ensuring business continuity during the digitization of business processes. SwiftPuppy also offer expertise in Microsoft 365 and other cloudbased products.

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