Microsoft Cloud Print Management with Printix

Printix offers Microsoft users a cloud-based management and support of your office, BYOD, mobile and remote user printing needs.

Microsoft Workplace Cloud Printing with Printix

As a Microsoft co-sell-ready partner and a trusted ISV, Printix is perfect for Microsoft users. Printix runs its infrastructure on Microsoft Azure public cloud. We are a print vendor that’s scalable by design with a platform that can handle any number of users and printers.

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Microsoft Cloud Printing via Printix


Direct & mobile print supported on Windows, Mac, Chromebook, iOS & Android


Home office printing to manage employee printing when working from home


Secure print release of confidential documents via smartphone authentication


Secure print release with PIN code or proximity ID card

Microsoft Modern Workplace Printing with Printix

Printix offers a modern print experience for EDU, SMB, and Enterprises who are moving to Microsoft cloud. Eliminating print servers, Printix integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Entra ID to bring modern printing to the cloud quickly, efficiently and inexpensively.

With Printix cloud print management service, you will significantly reduce the cost of print operations and relieve IT burden. Now you can implement a true cloud-based workplace based on Office 365 and benefit from flexible, reliable and secure printing.

Printix allows IT administrators to manage services rather than servers and lets users print how and when they want.

Microsoft Integration in just a few easy steps with Printix

Using Single Sign-On (SSO) with Office 365, each user gains fast, automatic access to printers, ready configured via Printix cloud administration. This significantly reduces the workload for IT support staff.

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Yes, it’s that simple!

You’ll enjoy a Single Sign-On (SSO) to Printix with the users’ Microsoft account.

Microsoft Integration

Printix is a Microsoft preferred solution available on Azure Marketplace and AppSource.

Read more on the specifications in our manual.

Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Azure Marketplace

Single sign-on and access to Printix with Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

Microsoft AppSource

Microsoft AppSource

First SaaS print app approved on Microsoft AppSource.