Printix integration with Microsoft

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Want to eliminate your existing print server infrastructure?

Printix can help with a print cloud service for all business functions and offers easy Microsoft integration via Single Sign-On (SSO).

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If your cloud strategy already involves Microsoft Entra ID, Microsoft Endpoint Manager, perhaps as part of Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), then you can add Printix as the missing link and thereby eliminate use of print servers and move print management 100% to the cloud.

Microsoft Integration in just a few easy steps with Printix

Using Single Sign-On (SSO) with Office 365, each user gains fast, automatic access to printers, ready configured via Printix cloud administration. This significantly reduces workload for IT support staff.

Yes, it’s that simple!

You’ll enjoy a Single Sign-On (SSO) to Printix with the users’ Microsoft account.

Entra ID integration

Printix is integrated with Microsoft Entra ID to manage user access and enable single sign-on with Printix.


Passwords handled by Entra ID


Built-in redundancy


Quick deployment


Scalability to meet demand

Printix Azure

Azure Virtual Desktop Printing

Azure Virtual Desktop is a comprehensive desktop and app virtualization service running on Azure by Microsoft. Together with Microsoft as a preferred partner solution, Printix’s true Azure-based print infrastructure, ensures serverless, simple and secure printing in all Azure Virtual Desktop environments.

Entra ID conditional access support

A key aspect of cloud security is identity and access when it comes to managing your cloud resources

We offer automatic sign in to Printix Clients on any Entra ID domain-joined Windows 10 (version 1607 or later) computers. This function works with the following Windows 10 editions: Pro, Enterprise, and Education.

It almost goes without saying, but if you delete a user in Entra ID, the user is also deleted in Printix. If you’re working with Microsoft and Printix, we want you to experience a complete integration.

That’s also why, if you block sign in for a user in Entra ID, the user is immediately signed out of Printix. Furthermore, the user will not be able to sign in until the user’s account is unblocked in Entra ID.

Entra ID groups

If you have enabled Azure authentication you can use Entra ID groups to deploy and control access to printers based on users’ group membership. Users’ membership of groups is maintained in your Azure Management Portal.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Easy Deployment with Microsoft Endpoint Manager

You can automatically deploy Printix Client with Microsoft Endpoint Manager, or any other software deployment tool that supports Microsoft Installer (MSI), without starting the user interface. This method can be used to install Printix Client as part of an automated process (like Windows Autopilot).

Reports with Power BI

Printix integrates with Microsoft Power BI to create reports and provide valuable insight into print usage showing statistics for users, printers, workstations, print queues, locations and historic data.

Microsoft Integration

Printix is a Microsoft preferred solution available on Azure Marketplace and AppSource.

Read more on the specifications in our manual.

Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Azure Marketplace

Single sign-on and access to Printix with Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

Microsoft AppSource

Microsoft AppSource

First SaaS print app approved on Microsoft AppSource.

Printix & Universal Print

Printix extends the capabilities of Microsoft Universal Print by providing comprehensive modern printing features for all printers and multifunction devices.

Microsoft Education Partner

Printix is proud to be a Microsoft Education Partner

The Printix solution is integrated with Microsoft Azure Active Directory and Microsoft 365 so users can register easily and don’t have to remember multiple logons.