Modern Workplace Printing

Cloud-based print management for all kinds of businesses and organizations.


With small budgets and limited IT support, small and medium-sized businesses use Printix to reduce the cost in provisioning secure convenience printing to office staff.


Use Printix to enhance the student BYOD printing experience, whilst automating access to print facilities for staff, to and from each campus location or from home. When you have activated your staff subscription, Printix is free for students. 


Use Printix to remove infrastructure (print servers), provision centralized administration, improve document security and align with cloud services strategy.


Has become increasingly de-centralized, requiring solutions that provide intuitive centralized management for all user groups across all locations.


Need print jobs to stay secure on their network. They need flexibility to move, merge and migrate with other departments and deliver savings and accountability.

Cloud Migration

Every organisation with a cloud first strategy needs to consider “what about our printing service”. Printix is a trusted and proven answer.


Use Printix to keep costs at a minimum and get a seamless print management experience. Printix offers a 30% discount for verified nonprofits and charities.

Ready to get started?

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