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Printix integration with Google

Printix Enterprise Print for Workspace

Printix has leveraged Google Workspace integration, to automate connection to and management of any enterprise print environment, enabling users to print from anywhere to authorized company printers, simply and securely.

Say farewell to Google Cloud Print

As a technology partner, Printix works closely with Google to optimize printing on Chromebooks. With the announced retirement of Google Cloud Print, Printix can help with a cloud print management service for Chromebooks in enterprise and educational environments.

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Google cloud print

Printix Google Feature Experience


Chromebook printing

Printix for Chromebook allows you to print to Printix managed printers from Chromebooks and computers with Google Chrome.

Google Groups

Google Groups

Use Google groups to control access to printers and deploy printers based on users’ group membership.

MSI file

Deploy with MSI file

Google Workspace Admins can easily deploy Printix Client to users within their Google Organization, with any tool that supports MSI.

Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage

Enable storage of pending documents in your secure Google Cloud Storage to print anywhere.

Built for scale

Designed on the same application principles that allow Google to run billions of containers a week, Printix can scale up or down quickly, efficiently and without risk regardless of organization size.
Printix Google diagram

Chrome Printing for Enterprise

Allows users to print what they want, when they want and where they want

Chrome enterprise

Direct & Mobile print

Windows, Mac, Chromebook, iOS & Android. Documents stay on your network or in your cloud storage

Global Secure Print

Release documents at the printer using browser, smartphone or tablet on any type of printer

Printix Go

Secure printer access with card-based authentication and release of documents at the printer using proximity cards with optional pin code

Print Ready

Automatic location and group policy installed print environment. Enable roaming users to print securely from different physical locations

Automate, Monitor and Control Printing

Printix cloud-based service helps eliminate complicated and costly IT infrastructure. From the central administrator dashboard, Printix provides access to all settings, printers and configurations making managing and monitoring simple and efficient.
  • Serverless cloud-based infrastructure
  • Centralized cloud print management
  • A SaaS that aligns with budget
  • Print from any device, to any printer, anywhere
  • Unlimited scaling at no extra cost
  • Reports for printing activities and print costs

Printix is Chrome Enterprise Recommended

Printix cloud print management service is verified by Google as a Chrome Enterprise Recommended solution. Printix extends your Google Workspace to provide users with a print ready experience, that’s quick and easy to use and Chrome OS secure. Empower your cloud workforce with a solution you can trust.
Printix is Chrome Enterprise Recommended
Printix features

Manage Printix with Google Workspace

Using a Google Workspace administrator account with your Printix subscription provides complete access to our cloud-based print infrastructure and management service.

You get all the benefits of Cloud and a Print Management solution without the complexity and cost.

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