Quocirca Cloud Print Services Landscape 2023 Report Excerpt

Executive Summary

The cloud has underpinned the digital transformation journey for many organizations as they have adapted to decentralized work models over the past two years. As we move into the era of hybrid work, organizations are increasingly focused on building a resilient, future-proof IT infrastructure. The high availability, flexibility, and scalability of the cloud is helping businesses become more agile, while also better preparing them for cyberattacks through advanced data compliance and security.

Cloud Print Services 2023

Cloud print services can help overcome the complexity and inefficiencies of managing a traditional print infrastructure. Conventional print management typically relies on on-premise print servers and incurs a high IT administrative burden to manage driver installation, device configuration and compliance, device monitoring, reporting and management, server and queue management, firmware updates, and app deployment and maintenance. Cloud-based print management can reduce the IT burden and lower the financial and environmental costs associated with procuring and managing print servers.

This report highlights key market trends for cloud print services, covering offerings from both manufacturers and independent software vendors (ISVs). It draws on primary research conducted by Quocirca in 2023.

Quocirca Cloud Print Services Landscape 2023: Report Excerpt

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Key findings

  • Cloud adoption continues to increase, underpinning the digital transformation journey.
  • The shift to cloud-based print infrastructure is underway.
  • Despite the transition to the cloud, few companies are eliminating print servers – and some are even deploying more.
  • Security is the top barrier to cloud print management adoption.
Contents of Quocirca Cloud Print Services Landscape 2023 Report