Solving a puzzle is fun but it does require all the pieces to fit together. Many companies tell us that Printix is “the missing piece” in their all-cloud strategy.

Do you know the feeling when you finally find that missing piece that completes the puzzle? In this case, moving office printing to a secure cloud-based solution. Over the course of the summer, Printix has made several changes, to focus more on solving our part of the puzzle for companies that already embrace cloud strategies.

The first change has been to combine our initial freemium product (Printix Zero) with our premium product (Printix Freedom) in a unique and valuable all-in-one solution. This new product is just called Printix and includes all the features in the same subscription-based pricing model. As usual, you only pay for the users that actually printed something in the previous month and you still get a 30-day free trial.

Printix introduces Print Anywhere. We have changed the Printix Freedom name to Printix Anywhere, to better describe the feature that is, to roam between printers and collect your document at any random printer.  And to release your documents using the Printix web app from any browser.

We have also been busy redesigning our web app and the Printix Administrator interface. The redesign enhances and improves the user experience. This means, it looks better but it is also more intuitive and super easy to use for everyone.

As an approved app on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace what a better place to be than at Microsoft Ignite in Atlanta to share our company’s vision for the next generation in cloud-based print management. Let’s meet up in Atlanta! September 26-30.