We are really pleased to announce that Printix is now an official Google for Education Partner.

Printix is a Google for Education Technology Partner

We have been working with Google for some time, but our relationship has deepened since the release of our Chromebook printing solution in June 2018. As Printix for Chrome OS continues to grow in popularity, we are exploring new ways to improve the solution and Google integration is always high on the agenda.

Did you know about all the ways in which Printix works with Google?

Manage with G Suite
Using a G Suite administrator account with your Printix subscription provides access to our cloud-based print infrastructure and management tool. You can use Google groups to deploy and control access to printers.

Printing for Chromebooks
The Printix extension for Chrome OS enables an IT admin to easily deploy and manage printing with Printix on Chromebooks for schools.

Google sign-in
One of the ways to sign into Printix as a teacher or student is to use your Google account (perfect for schools that have G Suite already set up).

Print via Google Cloud Storage
As a cloud print solution, documents are securely sent to printers via the Printix cloud or you can enable storage of your pending documents in Google Cloud Storage, to print anywhere.