With COVID-19 continuing to impact countries around the world, people everywhere are moving to remote work. In this difficult time, we want to help our communities and workplaces out there to continue working as well as possible. Many schools and business are closed. We know many of you have the challenge of working from home. More and more, enterprise printing is moving to the cloud to meet the needs of all remotely working employees.

Printix is a leading global cloud print management provider. We help organizations to stay productive while their employees work remotely from home. 

For many Printix customers and their users, printing may not be a critical work process, especially in relation to a global crisis like this. At the same time, for other businesses and authorities who keep our essential goods and services flowing, printing is still very much a critical requirement. In either case, as your cloud print provider, Printix is committed to helping organizations everywhere stay productive while working at home during this time.

To manage and control company printing for employees working from home, check out this new feature – Printix Home Office Printing.

At Printix, our top priority is the health and safety of employees, customers, partners, and communities. By making Printix available wherever you are, we aim to support public health and safety by keeping you connected while you work apart.

We are here to provide any information you need to help you and your team meet the challenge of working at home while needing access to printing remotely. Here are some questions and answers about printing and managing your print environment from home. 


Q: We have a Printix subscription. Can our users print at home?

A: Yes, you need to make the home office networks known in order to discover and manage printers in your employees’ home offices. Learn more here about How to add an unknown network to a network and How to Discover Printers.

Q: Can a user at home without any VPN connectivity to corporate resources still print to a corporate device in the office?

A: Yes, Printix can transport documents across networks without the need for VPNs. You can allow users to print between networks and print while their computer is on an unknown network, for example during travel or while at home. See more here about Understanding Networks and How to Enable Printing via the Cloud.

Q: Can users print from home and pick up their documents later?

A: Yes. If you are sending a print job that is not immediately accessible, you can hold it back until you get to a printer to retrieve it. Recommended retention time default is 1 day but for greater convenience, you can extend this time to a maximum of 7 days.

Q: When printing from home to the office, does the print job come out directly after printing or does the user release it later at the printer?

A: Both options are available. You can set up Printix so that the print jobs come out directly after the user has printed or use the Secure Print release feature. Download the Printix App to your iOS or Android phone, to release documents on Printix managed printers. You can print anywhere, as you choose the output device at the time of print release instead of when you submitted it.

Q: I started a trial at home, but why does it not work at my company?

A: If you started the Printix trial at home, your computer (laptop) was put on Network1 (the first network). When you bring your laptop to work, it will appear as on an Unknown network. When the computer is on an Unknown network a yellow dot is shown on the Printix Client icon.

Please feel free to send any other questions you may have to Printix.

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