Print IT Reseller Magazine invited a panel of industry vendors to share how they can help channel partners to capitalise on the opportunity to deliver dedicated cloud print management services. In issue 69 of Print IT Reseller Magazine, you can get an insight into how cloud-based print management is gaining momentum.

Printix was invited to provide comment on why the channel should capitalise on the opportunity to deliver dedicated secure cloud print management services and how we can help. Below is an excerpt from the article with our comment.

“73% of respondents to Quocirca’s Print 2025 study (second edition) expect to increase the use of cloud print management by 2025. Whilst the many perceived barriers to cloud adoption have not entirely disappeared, more and more organisations are embracing cloud to drive business efficiency and cut costs.” – Print IT Reseller Magazine

Cloud Printing may not be the leading driver as organisations digitalise and transition to the cloud, but rather an afterthought on the journey. Nonetheless, secure print is most relevant, when companies focused on cloud-first, mobile-first and sustainability realise that they still have print servers and in fact print less.

Data insight is key for any customer, to not only monitor usage but show the actual total cost of ownership, even if printing is not business-critical. Customers will want access to live data, greater control and greater transparency in contracts. Companies are tired of buying new machines, oversized and under-used for the job and inconvenient for staff to use those devices.

“Customers are looking for a path to transition print infrastructure to a cloud-based solution and simplify print management. Likewise, they are also looking for business models that better reflect actual usage and consumption, rather than excessive license fees and maintenance costs.” –  Print IT Reseller Magazine

The changes, including removing hardware costs, removing lock-in contracts, replacing complexity requiring service and support with automation and providing customer insight and transparency, threaten traditional revenue-generating activities of many managed print service providers.

Understandably, managed print service providers and vendors have not been the first to adapt to the change, perhaps seeing the development more than disruption rather than an opportunity. We invite you to rethink the delivery of managed print services and your business model, embrace the cloud and benefit from both new and renewed market opportunities.

One of our most interesting findings has been uncovering an untapped SMB market. Smaller companies and schools have not typically been a target market for MPS as the cost often outweighs the classic benefits. In this market, the primary driver has been for cloud-based print infrastructure offered as a low-cost subscription-based service. This is a new opportunity to include SMB customers in your managed services portfolio and introduce an attractive recurring revenue business model while keeping good print customers.

“Printix as a leading SaaS provider can help businesses harness the power of the cloud printing by amplifying the value of print management. As a low touch, low-risk product, there is no need for extensive technical training and certification to sell it.” – Print IT Reseller Magazine

For SME and enterprise customers you will see the motivation for adopting cloud or hybrid cloud print solutions to be security, simplicity and cost in supporting multiple locations, global deployments and a mobile workforce. Often led by the desire to remove hardware as with email and file sharing, larger companies will also want to maintain and seek better ways to ensure secure printing, mobile printing, tracking print usage and reducing waste.

Proof of concepts (POC) are active, and in the cloud, they don’t require a lot of investment. You can quickly light up a trial for a customer and let them loose to play. Very little pre-sales technical help is required compared to an on-premise demonstration or POC. The ease of doing business, combined with partner discounts, will allow you to maintain attractive profit margins with Printix.

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