Media Release – Introducing the first Print Management-as-a-Service platform, Printix has announced the beta release of its subscription-based product Printix Freedom. Printix, a new Danish software company, is set to disrupt the market and make print management for everyone.

A recipe for disruption

“Developed as a native cloud application, Printix is aiming to transform and extend the Print Management market to allow any company to reap the advantages of print management, as seen and appreciated by enterprises and large organizations for many years”, says Jesper Christiansen, CEO and co-founder of Printix.

Small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) have been unable to access many of the traditional print management software tools and realize the benefits they can bring such as flexibility, productivity, cost savings and sustainability contributions. With its simple and affordable solution, Printix plans to satisfy the customers in the SMB market. At the same time, the startup company expects to bring with it a significant growth opportunity for the channel partners it is recruiting internationally to join them.

“It’s a combination of things that has previously prohibited small-to-medium sized businesses from being able to invest in managed print and traditional print management solutions. Mainly, the cost and complexity of current solutions and services has just not made enough business sense”, says Jesper Christiansen.

That puts Printix in the right place to do something about it Christiansen continues, “We have made a new recipe for Print Management-as-a-Service, using a cup of cloud technology, a spoonful of freeware and an ounce of subscription pricing to allow SMBs to have their cake and eat it too. It’s a reasonable request.”

Printix has been rethinking office printing and addressing the common challenges experienced by the average office worker. Manual IT-related and back-office issues, like having to maintain a local print server and managing print drivers, are now automated in the Printix freeware product, Printix Zero, released by the company in January this year.

Freedom to choose

This week Printix announced the beta release of its first premium product, Printix Freedom, adding the new ingredients of convenience, mobile and secure printing to their cloud print management portfolio. Printix Freedom will provide the flexibility and convenience to print when and where you want from any smartphone, tablet or computer to any printer.

Never seen before, the subscription-pricing model for Printix Freedom is a low per month/per user fee and when released will include technical support.

About Printix

Printix is a software company founded in 2014 and based in Denmark. The company develops software and solutions for a unique cloud-based print management platform. The founders are successful tech entrepreneurs in the global software business. They are currently a team of 12 passionate and innovative players with many years of experience in IT-development and print management.

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