Migrating your print infrastructure from traditional on premise print servers to the Printix Cloud has just been made easier.

With our latest release, Printix will automatically inherit your choice of print drivers, migrate your print driver configurations, and preserve your print queue names. Just install Printix Client software on your existing print server. Once you ‘ve fully deployed Printix you can remove the obsolete print server(s).

See how to remove print servers here.

Multiple Print Queues Support

Users on the same printer may have varying printing preferences. To satisfy individual user’s personal default printing settings, Printix enables support for creating multiple print queues per printer. In the Printix Administrator tool you can open a view of the printer’s print queues and from there open the print queue properties, choice of print driver and manage print driver configurations.

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Support for macOS 10.13

Printix is ready for macOS High Sierra being released in September.

Speaking of Apple, you can now add print drivers for Mac to your Printix library of print drivers. This can be used to add print drivers that are not published through Apple.

See how to add a print driver here.