As a cloud-based print management solution, Printix is the perfect fit for businesses with multiple locations to effectively bring on new sites without investing in additional IT infrastructure.

Printix can now span multiple sites and handle separate networks, so you can centrally manage your print infrastructure across all sites/networks. The only requirement is that you have one Printix Client installed in the same network segment as the printers. This is a highly flexible and cost-efficient way of standardising multiple sites and providing them with additional capabilities.

Consider a company with two sites (Amsterdam and Berlin) with separate networks. There is no routing between the two, that is, from Amsterdam you cannot reach (ping) a printer in Berlin and vice versa.

Teach Printix about networks so it can filter what printers are available to users. A user while at the Amsterdam site will only be presented to printers on this site.

You can optionally allow users to print between networks and print while their computer is on an unknown network, for example during travel or while at home.

Read more about working with networks.


Printing with Printix between multiple networks/ locations