We modernize printing for office workers while improving sustainability by lowering the need for on-premise energy consumption, minimizing waste, and securing your existing printer fleet investment.

Printix is all about office printing and managing a print environment in a modern way. Printix was founded back in 2014, on a vision of helping customers move print infrastructure to the cloud with a Software as a Service. At the time, no one was really looking at the market for how to do that, not even Microsoft Azure.

Since then, we have helped many customers move print to the cloud. On this journey, there are two things we have learned about sustainability in a print environment:

  1. Removing hardware infrastructure and on-premise devices, such as print servers, removed the cost and impact of consuming energy.
  2. Removing the time and effort spent on software infrastructure and maintaining a print environment, led to additional cost savings.

For the past 10 years, many companies have been focusing on optimizing the hardware. A lot of man-hours have been spent on optimizing all the devices in offices. But what about the infrastructure?

One of the learnings we have seen at Printix over the past six years is that when customers go cloud, they often look at their work processes as well. One of the work path elements they try to eliminate is paper. Working digitally is smarter and more efficient. So printers and paper are declining in the market. According to IDC, there is an expected 4.8% decline year over year in the page volumes printed in the document print market. *

So as cloud means optimization, it means customers start looking at their print environment and asking themselves, “Where are we going, and what can we do about it?”

Printix helps customers with the part that involves infrastructure. First, we help customers remove the need for on premise hardware. The good old print servers that have served us well for the past 25 years can now be retired.

One of our customers in Norway moved to Printix about a year ago. They eliminated more than 70 on-prem print servers globally while optimizing the infrastructure on Azure and in the Printix Cloud. This gave them the optimal infrastructure for the future.

Next, customers will need insight into their print usage and behavior. As we are printing less and less, companies will be gauging what printers they may need in the future. In the past, we have been used to buying big A3 multifunction devices, with relatively high power consumption. Moving forward, it may not be necessary to buy such big equipment, but rather smaller types of devices that actually meet the limited print requirements better. With insights and analytics provided by Printix, we can enlighten customers to perhaps choose more suitably, and sustainably, for the future.

In this way, Printix addresses sustainability demands for customers going cloud. We help optimize print infrastructure and cut the energy cost and emissions related to on premise hardware. We help ensure that existing printers can be reused while helping evaluate print usage, to provide a future-proof modern print environment.

*Source: IDC Page Volume Program, Baseline Scenario Forecast, June 2020.