Customers need your help to transition their print infrastructure to the cloud. Now is the time to become a trusted cloud print advisor, add to your service revenues, differentiate from competitors, increase your customer value and win more new business.

Top Reasons to Partner with Printix

Remove Print Servers
Almost every company has a print server to facilitate business printing. Printix removes the need for these costly legacy servers, by hosting all configuration and infrastructure in the cloud.

No Risk Approach
Not familiar with print? No problem. It’s easy to install and migrations can be completed in no time. With no lock-in contracts, or up-front license fees Printix removes the risk of adding print to your managed and cloud service revenues.

Complete your Offer
Successful partners bundle Printix into their current and future SaaS offerings, knowing the benefits to both their customers and to their own value and bottom line makes good business sense.

A Product for All
Printix works “out of the box” for every make and model printer. It supports multiple user types from staff, students to visitors and remote users. Support for PC, Mac, RDS environments and more completes the story.

Reduce Service Complaints
Printix eases the burden on your support staff by taking care of your customers print environment. With the Printix global engineering team supporting and provisioning all required updates or fixes in the cloud, your business can say goodbye to those pesky and costly printing related support calls.

Independence and Knowledge
Data analytics based reporting with system feedback continually enhances the quality of service while provisioning the required facts to base any future deployment, user access or printer purchase decision.

Cloud Marketplace Integration
Printix also supports single sign on with Google G Suite and can seamlessly integrate with other cloud-based Identity providers (IdP) and Directory-as-a-Service (DaaS) to support your own cloud marketplace or self-provisioning portals.

Microsoft Azure AD
Printix is Microsoft compatible, enabling full integration with Microsoft Azure AD so you can offer a true cloud workplace with common Single Sign-On via Office 365. Provide ease and confidence for users.

Solve Mobile and BYOD Printing
Enable a simplified method for printing from any BYOD or mobile device. Regardless of operating system, file format or location, catering to the varied needs of users can be provisioned and secured.

Experience to Trust
Following success in delivering two of the world’s most widely used server based print management software, we have committed to deliver the first cloud print application approved by Microsoft. You can trust our experience and service to lead and support your success.

To find out how you can bring cloud managed printing to your clients, contact us about becoming a Printix Partner.

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