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Cloud-based printing for any organization embracing a modern way of working
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Enterprise Printing for the Modern Workplace

Printix helps adopt modern workplace principles that enable large enterprises to leverage common platforms and services, regardless of location or current infrastructure, to increase productivity and save more, while enhancing the end user experience.

Natively built for the cloud, Printix extends your digital transformation to meet your modern workplace printing needs.

Modern Printing

Printix delivers convenient and secure printing to a mobile workforce, for any number of users and any number of printers. Print Anywhere, from any device to any network printer, enables the end user to use print services from anywhere.

Direct & Mobile print

Windows, Mac, Chromebook, iOS & Android. Documents stay on your network or in your cloud storage

Global Secure Print

Release documents at the printer using browser, smartphone or tablet on any type of printer

Printix Go

Secure printer access with card-based authentication and release of documents at the printer using proximity cards with optional pin code

Print Ready

Automatic location and group policy installed print environment. Enable roaming users to print securely from different physical locations

Migrate office print to the cloud, smoothly and safely

Out of the box, Printix makes a copy of your on-premise print environment and print server configurations in the cloud, enabling you to remove print servers and complete your cloud migration simply and with no disruption to end users.

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Building a Printix Cloud Managed Print Infrastructure

Cloud-based print infrastructure

Printix makes it easy for IT administrators to automatically build, deploy and manage a cloud-based print infrastructure and alleviates the need to define and maintain print queues and printer drivers. Seamlessly integrated with Entra ID and Google Workspace.



Automatically installs print drivers and creates print queues


Software automatically updated


Central dashboard control and management


Administratively assign users/groups to various printers and set defaults


Save on infrastructure and ongoing support costs


Unlimited scaling at no extra cost

Enterprise deployment made easy

Printix continuously provides features that can be configured out-of-the-box, to ensure seamless integration for users and rapid deployment across global sites.

Conditional Access

Control access to Printix based on user and device context

Unlimited Scalability

Printix’s architecture takes away all concerns for redundancy, backup, failover and effortlessly scales up with any size of organization

Site Manager

Delegate management of printers and print queues to local IT personnel with role as Site Manager.


Data-driven insights and analytics to measure your organization’s print usage and improve utilization of printers and printing in the overall workspace

Enterprise customer success story

Jotun had already started on a journey of digital transformation when they realized the need to extend that to their enterprise print needs. Jotun chose Printix to replace its on-premise Windows server with a serverless cloud infrastructure.

Jotun has around 7000 seats, utilizing 70 legacy servers, across 230 worldwide sites. The project was carried out in super-fast time and was up and running across 60% of sites within 2 weeks, with 95% of sites serviced in 2 months.

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Printix features

You Print. We Manage

Companies still use too much time and money on managing a print environment and all aspects of printing, while often having little or no insight into the actual costs.

At Printix, our simple vision is to automate and simplify office printing, to help customers optimize their investment with the least amount of effort, risk and cost. Our aim is to take the management out of print management and help customers with insightful recommendations to save even more.
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